Yoga is the union of supreme and individual consciousness.  This is an important point that most of us fail to understand. Its reach is not only on the physical level but also on mental and spiritual levels. As generations pass by the true potential of yoga is neglected and is practiced just as a physical discipline.
Let us say that we have four generations. The first generation consists of the seniors, the veterans, the retired. They are the most experienced in the war of life. But they suffer from spiritual problems. After all those years of torment and torture as a struggling individual, its retirement time and all they need is some peace. But they don’t know how to achieve it, how to unite with the supreme or how to attain spiritual consciousness. They are in a constant search like a musk deer searching for its own scent. Yoga – A solution from our own tradition lies within a hand’s reach. Ashtanga Yoga focuses mainly on this aspect.
The next generation, i.e. the second, suffers from spiritual and psychological issues. These are those in their mid-sixties, and they suffer from spiritual as well as psychological issues. Their mind is a highly unstable one, and their thoughts whirl like it is in a cyclone. With yoga, you attain control over your mind and emotions and put an end to your spiritual and psychological problems.
Up next is the third generation, the working class in their 30’s till their 50’s who suffer from psychological and physical problems. They have a reputed job, a good bank balance, and all other required luxuries. Yet they are not happy. They are in a race of nothingness of which the final prize is a trophy of unhappiness and a cheque to pay the medical needs.
And the fourth generation, the current ones, the youngsters; they are happy in their own world. They are health conscious which is a good thing, but are not aware or bothered about the other aspects affecting them. Their mind is exposed to a mild yet continuous pressure of expectations, work, and future dreams. A majority of them practices yoga for a flat belly, a zero size or a six pack abs. Their effort and perseverance to achieve these are remarkably appreciable. But while bending your body for physical strength, know the other benefits bestowed upon you by yoga. Along with your body, yoga bends your breath and your mind.
Thus Yoga, which is considered by a lion’s share as a physical exercise, turns out to be a psychological exercise also. And this psychological exercise gifts you with the much needed spiritual strength. Thus Yoga becomes the one single solution for multiple problems faced by the generations. When you adapt the yoga way of life, you are strengthening your physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the present, as well as those in your future. Remember, it’s never late for Yoga and whatever you find is stopping you from doing it, is just an excuse.

– Sri Abhinava Siddaroodha Swamiji


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