International Festival of Yogic Heritage


Indulge yourself in a path of self-discovery at the 1st International Festival of Yogic Heritage (IFYH), bestowed with five euphoric days of celebration. IFYH opens doors to a spiritual world of authentic yoga and Satsang, enchanted by world – music, dance and devotion. This is your opportunity to unshackle your consciousness and to refill your soul with positive vibes and bliss. Connect to yourself and to revered Yogacharyas, experts, seekers and students from all ethnicities around the globe.
⦁ A world stage where all yogic traditions unite.
⦁ We celebrate life, through the spirit of Yoga, beyond the boundaries of region and religion.
⦁ 50+ illustrious Yogacharyas and presenters from about 20 countries
⦁ Participants from 96+ countries and 70 hours of yoga practices, spiritual knowledge, and enlightenment.
160+ sessions including seminars and workshops which focus on various topics from the surreal world.
Meditation, Sanskrit Chants, Reiki, and Indian Philosophy would be few of the major foci of this spiritual journey.
⦁ Mind blowing music, dance performances and various other cultural activities by traditional artists and legendary Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.
⦁ A global village harmonized by love and bliss.


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